February 2021 updates are here!
  • We are now offering one on one in person lessons at your home with safety precautions. Our lessons are held outdoors, mask on and socially distancing.
  • We have popular play and train dates (contactless, drop off and pick up) and puppy play dates located at 4906 Wisconsin Ave NW. DC.
  • We also offer virtual classrooms for puppies, reactive dogs, tricks and more at super affordable prices!
  • Not sure about virtual training?  Use Code zoomdog2020 at check out one of these three, great, virtual classes (Puppy 1.0, 2.0 manners or tricks, register here: virtual class) and see for yourself what we can accomplish.  

New Puppy?

Congrats on the new puppy! We have four great options:

1) Start with a virtual one on one lesson.
This is a great way to start with a new puppy! Price and availability are the best. The virtual classroom allows us to see your set up safely while we manage life with Covid precautions. You will have access to toys, food, mat, crate and your puppy won’t be too distracted by having us in the room!
We will start training your first session, perfect a potty training schedule and set up a plan to redirect puppy teeth.

2) Located at 4906 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC - Jump into our play and train puppy dates! This is our most popular puppy option.
These classes are made for puppies 2-5 months old or 5-8 months old.
Your puppy will join a group of puppies and two professional trainers and work on engagement, recalls and basic to advanced cues for four lessons.
Five lessons are in a live, virtual classroom where you learn and teach your pup skills your from the comfort of your home. Your instructor is there to answer questions and help build the relationship you want with your pawfect puppy. You get to learn how to train from the comfort of your home with a less distracted puppy!

30 minute Puppy play dates also available for a little extra socialization and exercise.

3) Choose at your home, outside, with masks, socially distanced lessons and work on your goals, on your schedule.

4) 12 day training walks. Day training walks are our alternative to board and train. A trainer can come work with your pup, at your home, building the cues and responses you want while you work! Email for details. info@dogtrained.com

Adolescent Dog or newly adopted dog?

Teenage pups can be tyrants! or they can need a little refresher course to getting you back on the right track. Let us help.

Start with a virtual one on one lesson. This class allows us to get a baseline of your dog’s body language, behavior and response to cues and rewards are. We will work through best management practices and training exercises in this initial lesson without all the distractions and problems of trying to teach and learn outside.

Jump into our five week 2.0 Manners virtual group class then 3.0 manners virtual group class. *Great Price*
Not sure a virtual classroom can help? Try one on us! Use code zoomdog2020 at checkout and the first 2.0 manners class is free. We work on leash skills, foundation commands, and proofing recalls and STAY with distractions, duration and distance.

Choose at your home, socially distanced lessons. Your trainer will help you arrange set ups with with potential problems and help raising criteria and perfecting timing.

We also offer day training walks.
For 12 lessons a trainer can come to your home area, take your pup for a 50 minute walk and train and continue to build the skills you are working on. You receive a training plan, 2-3 videos from each session and more.

Worried, anxious or reactive dog?

Struggling with barking, lunging or shy and fearful dog? City life can be a constant test and strain on your relationship and success with your dog’s unwanted reactions. We can help! And because our pups sometimes need a wholistic approach to behavior modification, we are always happy to work with your vet or vet behaviorist to create the best plan possible.

1) Start with a virtual one on one lesson and/or our four week reactive dog virtual class.
Great price, great help! The highly recommended virtual classroom allows us to get a baseline of what your dog’s body language, behavior and response to cues and rewards when they are in the safest environment possible, home base. During these four weeks you will dive into what are triggers, thresholds and learn a series of pattern games, management tools and start button exercises to help reduce anxiety and teach your dog better coping mechanisms. We use a systematic approach combined with classical conditioning and desensitization to reduce your dog’s anxiety and unwanted reactions.

2) Choose at your home, outdoor, socially distanced lessons.
In person lessons help you arrange set ups with with potential triggers (dogs or people or other scary situations) We can continue to help read your dog and choose the techniques that you learned from your virtual class to get you the best results!

3) We also offer day training walks, a great alternative to board and train, allowing a trainer to come and work with your pup at your home while you work. 12 lessons to dive into safe set ups, building the foundation blocks in your environment too reduce anxiety.

Positive Play. Canine Success.

We are certified professional dog trainers with over 20 years of experience working with service to rescue dogs, puppies to seniors. People seek out a dog trainer so they can build a better bond with their dog. People work with dogTRAINED because our approach to building that bond is unique to each client.

Our dedication, from certification to continued education through seminars, online classes and working our community, provides you with the variety and options to take you exactly where you want to go with your canine best friend.  This is the relationship of a lifetime! Invest in it with the best, Invest with dogTRAINED.


Ready to talk?

If you are interested in how we could work together, get in touch! There's no obligation, and we are great with responding promptly.

We will not intentionally train with fear, force or pain.
     Our team shares a strong passion for continuing education both academically and in pursuit of industry standards. Whether we are teaching good manners, reducing reactivity or entering competition we are proud to find the best training plan using the environment, your lifestyles, your dog’s history and genetics to achieve your goals. And we will do this without purposely putting your dog into situations that will cause fear, stress, and anxiety. For the life time of your dog, choose teachers  that answer the questions "what happens when my dog does something right? What happens when my dog does something wrong?" with the spirit of improving your relationship with best canine friend.