In Home Training Walks: Let Us Take the Leash!

Our most popular service is changing and expanding to better serve you!

  • Day school allows us to come in and work with your pup on a one on one basis.
  • You do not need to be present for these sessions.
  • In your home your pup will be learning and later, proofing, the foundation skills.
  • Action plans that includes the skills, definitions and exercises for teaching each cue are provided.
  • Video follow up with us working your pup each day is included.
  • Tips will allow you to work cues into your daily routine and life with pup.
  • Sessions occur two or three times per week to allow for latent learning and time for you to implement the skills your pup now knows.

Day School Level One
12 Sessions | 50 Minutes Each | $1125

A great option for a puppy or newly adopted dog. We will introduce through lure reward and shaping positive techniques the foundation cues of SIT, DOWN, COME, LEAVE IT, STAY with an emphasis on polite greetings and an introduction to what leash walking can look like.  Each cue will have a verbal cue, hand signal and be generalized to new environments and you will have multiple short, sweet exercises to show you how to apply each cue in daily life.

Day School Level Two
12 Sessions | 50 Minutes Each | $1125

This is the must have action plan for any dog owner!

We hear over and over again, my pup can sit and stay for 5 seconds, but not when someone comes to the door! My dog can’t come when called in the dog park, but he is great in the house!

Day school level two is the answer! The action plan is complete with checklist, exercises and daily videos of your dog learning through positive training how to go beyond the kindergarten skill level. The checklist and training will take you through generalizing skills in new environments with controlled and uncontrolled distractions with a controlled and uncontrolled pup.

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