In Person Group Classes 

Due to Covid - 19

DogTrained's Group Classes held at  the Puptagon Training Center

@ 4906 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC 

 are currently on hold until June 10.

Virtual group and one on one  AVAILABLE NOW

 on our Virtual Class Page.

Puppy Manners 1.0
Appropriate for 2-6 month old pups. Five weeks of new exercises that do build on each other but can also stand alone! We work on Recall( COME) foundation cues (SIT,DOWN,TOUCH) reducing mouthing and biting (GET IT LEAVE IT DROP) crate and mat games and **engagement games** because a pup who orients towards you and offers eye contact is starting a conversation that you will love to keep going. Yes, even remotely we will get you working on socialization and helping your pup grow up confident in a human world.

Puppy Manners 2.0
Appropriate for 5 month old -1 year pups or newly adopted dogs under age three years old. Five weeks of new exercises that do build on each other but can also stand alone! We start serious work on loose leash skills, recall (COME) and STAY with distractions, distance and duration. We will continue with polite greetings and practical ways to expand your foundation cues SIT, DOWN and TOUCH and work them into every day use. This remote class is often a great place to start with a newly adopted dog too!

Puppy Manners 3.0
Appropriate for canine graduates of puppy 2.0 manners or dog manners 1.0.Five weeks of new exercises that do build on each other but can also stand alone!   We start serious work on  fast, reliable, recalls. continue with loose leash manners, advanced impulse contol and manners all geared to helping you keep an adolescent dog engaged and working towards Canine Godd Citizenship and more.

Puppy Club!
Puppy Club is a four week email subscription service. Our trainers make it easy with a daily exercise that helps you set goals, get behavior, and keep your puppy happy and enriched. Included are daily training exercises, behavior tips or enrichment activities that you can accomplish from the comfort of your home. Exercises and behavior tips are developed for dogs under 1yr or novice dogs that are learning their manners cues and leash skills. And yes, we do take client training requests. Let us take the leash and help you get a well mannered, happy dog!

Puppy Play Dates - TBD due to Covid-19

Adolescent Play Dates - TBD due to Covid -19

Dog 1.0 Manners  This class provides focused exercises on the most desired and necessary companion dog skills. Start your dog’s skills in a safe environment with support and coaching and easy to follow in home games to practice and replicate real life situations. Skills taught include polite greetings, go to bed with sit and down, cooperative care and we will introduce Come when called and Loose Leash exercises.

Canine Good Citizen Prep Canine Good Citizen is a title awarded by the AKC to dogs that pass a short evaluation assessing their basic manners skills in common everyday scenarios. Recalls, polite greetings, and impulse control are all incorporated into this evaluation. Canine Good Citizen Prep will focus on learning the ten test skills and helping students individually identify what skills their pup needs a bit more practice with. Students who complete five consecutive weeks of class will be sent an evaluation schedule to sign up for their Canine Good Citizen Evaluation hosted in studio (4906 Wisconsin Ave, NW). One evaluation is included in the price of class. Canine Good Citizen Prep is best suited for dogs that have graduated from Puppy 2.0 or Puppy 3.0 or have approval from the class trainer. If you have questions about whether your dog is ready for this class please contact us at

Reactive 1.0 Dog Reactive dogs can display a wide variety of behaviors when they are uncomfortable with their environment, people, dogs or a variety of other "triggers". This class can help reduce your dog's reactions and build confidence, focus and better manners through a series of pattern games and voluntary behaviors.   With each new game you will create safe, predictable patterns so your dog can improve basic skills, then we can add in greater distractions, triggers and teach your dog to cope better with the dc environment and everything it throws at them! We will also help teach you canine language, training skills, management, timing, and all about the variety of rewards that life can offer you and your pup that can be associated with boogiemen and triggers that bother your dog. We are happy to work in conjunction with your vet or vet behaviorist for any reactive dog or any class or in home lesson.  A dog that is physically and mentally healthy is the best dog, and has the best chance at learning new skills.

Reactive 2.0 Dog  Four more much needed weeks to continue building duration, patterns, engagement  and good feelings. Teaching your pup that they can request approach to their particular boogieman and moving towards your goals with new games, follow the leader, defaults, and parallel walks!

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