Drop In – 75 minute workshops to try out new skills and games!
Keep your skills and your relationship growing in new, fun ways!
Check out our Calendar and Registration pages for the schedule of upcoming events! $55. each

Detective Dog – a nosework workshop – Want to try out this popular dog sport all about teaching a  pup to detect scent? In this 75 minute workshop we introduce Birch scent and teach our pups to search through a simple course.  This seminar is a great introduction to our 5 week Nose work class coming June 2019.
Monday 6/24/2019 @ 7:15 PM
Sunday 5/5/2019 @ 2:00 PM
Sunday 5/26/2019 @ 2:00 PM
Drop In – Leash Skills – Quick and easy tips! 
Sunday 5/19/2019 @ 2:00 PM

Drop in – The Leash Reactive Dog -reducing anxiety and frustration when out and about. *This workshop is for humans only.*
Sunday 5/12/2019 @ 2:00 PM

Functional Tricks – This seminar is all about teaching your pup new tricks that encourage impulse control, critical thinking skills, and basic manners.  Behaviors introduced in this 75 minute seminar  include, Targeting, Wipe Your Feet, Back Up, and Put Your Toys Away. 
Monday 6/10/2019 @ 7:15 PM
Monday 7/8/2019 @ 7:15 PM

Impulse Control – Struggling with a jumping barking adolescent dog? In this seminar we will teach simple behaviors to increase your pups stimulus control including: Wait for a food bowl, Wait at thresholds, Leave it, Drop, and Speak/Shush
Monday 6/3/2019 @ 7:15 PM
Monday 7/1/2019 @ 7:30 PM

Kids and Dogs – This seminar is all about encouraging meaningful communication between kids and their doggy companions. In this 75 minute class we will talk about canine body language, how to set our pups up for success and have our young trainers start working on getting behavior! Behaviors covered in class are: Hand Targeting, Recalls, Get it/Drop It, and Shake.  All family members are welcome (Kid trainers should be 7-15 years old and dogs 4+ months).
Monday 6/17/2019 @ 7:15 PM
Monday 7/15/2019 @ 7:15 PM

Keep checking in!! We have more available – Coming Soon!!
Look below and let us know if there is something you are excited to see soon! Email info@dogtrained.com to cast a vote for any workshop.

52 Tricks for Treats! – So many tricks so little time! Using shaping, capturing and luring we are giving you the game plan to start and finish Take a Bow, Roll Over, Shake, Sit Pretty, Army Crawl and maybe even sneeze on cue!

Cooperative Care – Make grooming, handling and vet visits a pleasant trip for both ends of the leash! This simple game will help with impulse control as well as desensitization to common handling practices that some pups become uncomfortable with such as nail trims, collar grabs, ear cleaning and more.

Counter-surfers Anonymous
Admitting the problem was easy and this class will help teach alternate behaviors and set up scenarios to solve your dog’s love of thieving from table tops and counters.

Detective Dog – Join us for a fun intro to nosework games.
This is a safe class for both reactive and non reactive dogs. Let us show you how to take part in the one game your dog probably already knows better than you – Use the Nose!

Leash – Quick and easy tips!
Join us for an afternoon of fun as we learn five exercises anyone can practice weekly to smooth out the edges of your leash manners.

Living Room Agility – Balance, core strength, body awareness all available for your dog’ health and fun! This class is definitely another great rainy day adventure!

Muzzle up! A great management plan isn’t just for emergencies, it’s about prevention. Muzzle training, gates, tethers and leashes can all be functional prevention tools taught using fun, effective methods. Teaching a dog to wear a muzzle with with joy for those just in case moments is at your fingertips!

No Sheep?! Treibball!
Whether you have a herding dog or not this class introduces you to the simple art of sending your dog out to herd some yoga balls!

Polite Greetings
It may be that you and pup are still working on polite greetings and that’s ok! We love our fun and social pups, but let us help you to get some exercises going, giving you tips and tricks to help you be successful!

Recalling Fido – Quick and easy come-when-called tips.
Join us for an afternoon of fun as we learn five exercises anyone can practice weekly to work towards that perfect emergency recall!

Separation Anxiety – where to start, what to consider.
Learn how to start reducing anxiety around your departures by reinforcing calm distance behaviors. We will go over breaking down criteria to desensitize your pup to exit cues and even the use of tech to get us to the next steps.

Sound Sensitivity
What is noise phobia and can you actually reinforce fear of thunderstorms and other noises? This workshop takes a peek what “noise phobic” dogs react to and ways you can help a fearful dog with games, changing the environment and how to talk to your vet.

Take this, not that!
Solutions for the mouthy puppy. Rather than asking our puppies to STOP touching and stealing all our human things, so much simpler is the idea that we can get them to take their toys with pride! Together, we will learn to play easy and fun games including Drop and Leave It with us humans.

Target Nose! – Great rainy day games for you and your pup! This class will get you teaching pup to push doors closed, moving toys, ringing bells and rollin’ yoga balls with their nose!

Target Paw! Great rainy day games for you and your pup! This class will get you teaching your pup to shake, high five, fake leg lift pee and more!

The leash reactive dog. This workshop is humans only. Join us for a conversation on canine body language, and how to use a simple technique called “capturing” to help your dog get engaged and settled. Capturing will also help your pup with moving better on a leash and looking forward to seeing other dogs!

Volume Control
Why is pup barking and what protocols can you introduce to create a happier, quieter, home and life for everyone? Each human and canine will walk away from this class with five exercises to help reduce the volume in and out of the home.

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