We follow the guidelines and the science of great trainers, teachers, and behaviorists who have come before us!  

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), the behavior specialists of the animal world,  have several published statements on training and socialization:

Puppy Socialization Statement

Puppies have a very small “socialization” window in which to learn that new sounds, sights, people, and other dogs are great and not things to be afraid of.  Once that window is closed at 10 – 12 weeks old, then that puppy is more likely to grow into behavior problems. Our puppy classes are designed to help shy pups come out of their shells and the exuberant ones to calm down and use the energy for good!

Dominance Position Statement

One of the most pervasive, and damaging, myths of dog behavior is that their misbehavior is based on dominance.  This ideaology brings about often abusive and dangerous approaches to dog training in an effort to “reduce the rank” of the dog. With positive training your dog will still learn to respect your space and follow your cues. 

Punishment Position Statement

No healthy relationship should involve fear, pain or intimidation!  Positive reinforcement is as effective as old fashioned training and while  choke, shock and prong collars appear to be effective, they always have fall out and negative consequences.  We follow the humane hierarchy standard of training and behavior modification and always suggest you find trainers and behaviorists that work within these guidelines.


When can I speak with someone directly?

Please feel free to call (202) 617-0127 to discuss your training needs! 

We are available to chat from 9-11am, Monday through Thursday. 

All other calls are returned within 24 hours as time allows between sessions.

Do you offer make-up classes?

Due to the small, personalized nature of our group classes we do not offer make up classes. 

Homework will be available for each week of class to keep you up to date on any missed lessons.

Do private lessons expire?

All packages expire within six months of purchase.