Positive Play. Canine Success.

We are certified professional dog trainers with over 20 years of experience working with service to rescue dogs, puppies to seniors. People seek out a dog trainer so they can build a better bond with their dog. People work with dogTRAINED because our approach to building that bond is unique to each client.

Our dedication, from certification to continued education through seminars, online classes and working our community, provides you with the variety and options to take you exactly where you want to go with your canine best friend.  This is the relationship of a lifetime! Invest in it with the best, Invest with dogTRAINED.


In home Private Lessons and Training Walks

Whether you are introducing a new puppy into your household, building your relationship with an older or newly adopted dog or concerned about a behavior you are seeing, we can help you with communication and a plan to make your relationship the best!

Group Classes

Our five-week courses include everything from puppy to dog manners, reactive dog rehabilitation, and a specialized breed class for DC’s incredibullies!

Keep the fun going and dive into the joy of training, and playing with extracurricular courses like tricks and nsework for all breeds and ages.

Drop in - 75 Minute Workshops

What can you accomplish  in 75 minutes? Try a new sport! Problem solve!  Play! And best of all, have a new experience and bond with your dog, your best friend. Spring meet ups will include Manners on a leash, trying out Detective Dog Nosework and 52 Tricks for Treats mini session!

We will not intentionally train with fear, force or pain.
     Our team shares a strong passion for continuing education both academically and in pursuit of industry standards. Whether we are teaching good manners, reducing reactivity or entering competition we are proud to find the best training plan using the environment, your lifestyles, your dog’s history and genetics to achieve your goals. And we will do this without purposely putting your dog into situations that will cause fear, stress, and anxiety. For the life time of your dog, choose teachers  that answer the questions "what happens when my dog does something right? What happens when my dog does something wrong?" with the spirit of improving your relationship with best canine friend.

Ready to talk?

If you are interested in how we could work together, get in touch! There's no obligation, and we are great with responding promptly.